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With a holistic approach and the use of state-of-the-art technology, PLAN FORWARD GmbH stands for the architecture of the future.

PLAN FORWARD – Range of services

We represent an architecture of appropriateness. Openness and a holistic approach characterize our design attitude.

PLAN FORWARD – Range of services

We plan as elaborate as necessary and at the same time as simple as possible, because only efficient buildings effectively reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy. We stand for the paradigm shift in planning and construction, in which processes will define the scope of services in the future.

Our approach is defined by:

• Integrated planning and responsible management,
• Project contents defined together with the client and the building owner,
• A planning team individually adapted to the construction tasks of your project,
• Deadline and cost security for the client


Idea generation, competitions, studies & concepts

Idea generation, competitions, studies & concepts at PLAN FORWARD
  • 01. Concepts individually tailored to the client
  • 02. Clear, timeless, cost-conscious architectural language that fits the type, location and specific requirements of the project
  • 03. Comprehensive range of services for all project types and sizes
  • 04. Master planning, urban design and site development
  • 05. Creation of building rights / B-Plan procedure

A well-founded planning basis increases the degree of target achievement for the building in terms of design, functional, technical, ecological, deadline and budgetary concerns. For the client, this means higher cost, quality and schedule security. Our principle is: The beginning determines the result.


We use the latest technology to increase the added value for our clients.

PLAN FORWARD uses latest technology to increase the added value for our clients
  • 01. As-built measurement and modeling via 3D laser scans and drone flights
  • 02. Visualizations and animations generated from the building model
  • 03. VR simulation
  • 04. 3D planning methods and processes
  • 05. In-depth calculations with a high level of accuracy at an early stage (BIM method)
  • 06. Digitization of the construction site

We understand integral planning as a planning and development process that involves all project participants at an early stage and thus creates creative and effective solutions to best achieve the set goal of a construction project.

The use of state-of-the-art technology such as the BIM method makes the construction process much more transparent. Smooth processes across all interfaces are guaranteed. A digital building model facilitates the decision-making process for essential design processes.


Project planning & general planning

Implementation of building projects
  • 01. Consideration of the building project in its entirety, across all life cycles
  • 02. Multidisciplinary planning teams
  • 03. High degree of specialization from experience with construction projects of all kinds
  • 04. Quality management to facilitate the work of the teams
  • 05. Certification of projects to standards such as Breem, Leeds, DGNB and C2C

We plan and supervise new constructions and refurbishments from a wide range of sectors across all service phases of the HOAI.

For us, architecture is a unity of function, design and social responsibility. In the planning process, we sound out the functional conditions and interrelationships and develop optimized solutions. From the initial strategic considerations, through the first draft to the smallest detail and up to the final handover, we offer client- and user-oriented solutions.

We test construction methods and materials for their ecological and economic properties and integrate this knowledge into the planning from the very beginning. We involve all stakeholders early in the construction process, including not only the client and the users, but also the specialist engineers and the relevant authorities. We combine all planning trades and manage all interfaces in one hand. Throughout the entire construction phase, we constantly monitor costs and deadlines and can thus achieve a high degree of planning security for the client.

A building has to always viewed in the context of its surroundings. This contextual consideration is the most important prerequisite for the success of a project. The added value for our clients is not measured by numbers, the true added value lies in the identification of all users with the building.


Sustainable architecture with the future built in

• Economically and creatively exceptional projects of various types
• Sustainable buildings for their users, the client and the environment
• Satisfied clients
• A motivated team